Purathick - 125g Jar

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Pure. Simple. Organic.

From the makers of Gelmix Thickener,
Purathick is formulated to facilitate
the modification of the liquid diet
for hot and cold liquids.

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Harnessing the
power of tara gum.

Purathick is an easy to use organic powder
that doesn’t excessively thicken over time.

The following are some of the benefits of using
nature's healthier thickening option.

Better for individuals
with food sensitivities.

Easy to use for
hot and cold beverages.

Doesn't thicken excessively
over time.

Tasteless. Odorless.

Fat free. Low calories.
Low displacement.

USDA Organic

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How to Thicken With Purathick (Mixing Instructions)

Add 1 stick pack or scoop (2.4g) to fluid ounces per chart below to achieve desired consistency. (see chart below)

Mix vigorously until powder is completely dissolved. For best results mix with a fork, whisk or shaker.

Let cold liquids stand 5 minutes before serving. Warm liquids thicken faster and can be served after 1 minute.

LEVEL 4 - EXTREMELY THICK (aka pudding): Add 1 Scoop for 2 fl oz
LEVEL 3 - MODERATELY THICK (aka honey): Add 1 Scoop for 4 fl oz
LEVEL 2 - MILDLY THICK (aka nectar): Add 1 Scoop for 6 fl oz
LEVEL 1 - SLIGHTLY THICK (aka thin nectar): Add 1 Scoop for 8 fl oz

Best if consumed within 30 mins of mixing. Usage instructions may need to be
adjusted based on the viscosity of the original diet.

For a demonstration, view the
Purathick Mixing Instructions
video seen here.